Virtual Covid-19 PCR Testing

Get a lab grade Covid-19 RT-PCR test anywhere in the United States and Canada with 24-60 hour results so you cross the border both ways.


Before You Go On

Looking for a Covid-19 Antibody test or PCR test at one of our offices?

Visit our website to learn more and to book an appointment at one of our Ichor office locations to complete an IgM/IgG Serology Antibody test, or an in person PCR test.


About The Test

Fisher TaqPath™ RT-PCR COVID-19

StageZero, a CLIA certified high complexity lab located in Richmond, Virginia, utilizes the Fisher TaqPath™ Combo Kit to provide 99.99% accurate SARS-COV-2 RT-PCR Results.
The test was authorized by Health Canada on March 18, 2020.


About the Program

Watch this video for an overview of the program and what to expect!


How the Program Works


Step 1 - Purchase Your Test Kit(s)

A test kit, including saliva self collection devices, an instruction card, and all required shipping supplies and pre-paid return label to the lab will be mailed to your home or business. Order your kit at least 2 weeks prior to your departure from Canada.

Step 2 - Register with StageZero and Ichor

Inside the box is an instruction card to guide you through registration with the lab, booking a video witness appointment with Ichor, and return shipping to the lab. Take your test kit with you on your trip and DO NOT open the saliva kit until your video witness session.

Step 3 - Complete and Ship Your Sample

When the time comes to complete your test, you will click to join the online witnessing meeting that you booked, have your collection witnessed, pack your sample, and drop it off at FedEx for shipment to the lab. Results are provided in 24-60 hours depending where in the US you ship from. (Ex Hawaii is 2 day service.)

Will Not Work for Monday and Tuesday Flights!

FedEx does not operate on Sundays.

When planning your travel, understand the testing/resulting schedule. 

A Friday test will receive results by Saturday night, which is good for Sunday Flights.

A Monday test would receive results by Tuesday evening which is good for a Wednesday Flight.


Hawaii Specific

Hawaii is a 2 day service for FedEx so it has some complications, visit the Hawaii page for a detailed explanation of when your return flight has to be, and when your video witness has to be.


Explanation of Pricing and Shipping Charges

The cost of a test is $199 per person plus tax in all scenarios.

A shipping charge will be calculated at check out based on where you will be doing the test.

If you are doing the test inside the United States, the shipping charge is $65 to cover shipping by ground to you in Canada, and then express shipping from your US destination to the lab.

If you are doing the test in Canada, the shipping charge is $125 to cover shipping by ground to you in Canada, and then international express shipping from Canada to the US.




I Will be Doing My Test In The USA

My completed test will ship from inside the USA and $65 for shipping charges will be added at check out.


I Will Be Doing My Test In Canada

My completed test will ship from Canada and $125 for shipping charges will be added at check out.




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