Returning from Hawaii?
You must have a Wednesday Evening to Sunday morning flight home.

FedEx is a 2 day service from Hawaii, which means your results will be provided by 10pm Eastern Standard Time (5pm Hawaii time) 2 days after your test.  

Example, a Monday test would provide Wednesday 5pm results hawaii time

A Thursday test would provide Saturday 5pm results Hawaii time

The 72 hour requirement cannot be met for flights between Sunday 5pm and Wednesday 5pm. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 2.22.31 PM.png

FedEx express drop off times in Hawaii are 11am in most cases.

You must book a 10am to 1pm mountain standard time (7am-10am Hawaii time) video witness appointment.


So In Summary...

1) Make sure your return flight is in the green zone, between Wednesday 5pm and Sunday noon

2) When you book your video witness appointment, book at 10am to 1pm on the BookWhen site. All times on that site are shown in Mountain Standard Time (3 hours ahead of Hawaii)